Podcast Guesting for Business Growth

Marketing "Breakthrough" Content - 6 Psychological Advantages

March 02, 2022 September Smith
Podcast Guesting for Business Growth
Marketing "Breakthrough" Content - 6 Psychological Advantages
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The incredible “break-thru” potential of podcast content for marketing and audience building!  In this episode I share an experience that really illustrates this phenomenon.

I also dig into six of the advantages of podcast guest content, versus any other type you could produce, to really get to the heart of why this content is so potent and why you should be using it for your business, brand-building and marketing purposes. 

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Hi, I'm your host September Smith, and welcome to this new episode all about leveraging podcasting for your business growth. Podcast content is quite unlike other forms of content. Podcast content has this "breakthrough" ability. I talked about it elsewhere. Podcast content is not social media. Your Podcast content has a longevity or reach viability and perceived value far beyond that of social media, mostly, but not exclusively, because it's broadcast media; one-way media like Netflix or Hulu. The powerful aspect of podcast content that I want to talk about today is what I call the unique breakthrough potential of podcast, particularly podcast interviews. To get into this, I want to illustrate this with a personal experience. It's anecdotal, but not one off and definitely not limited to just me, thus, the growing popularity of podcasts for marketing.

So the phenomena:

There was this one fellow online business woman that I became acquainted with back in 2018, through a Facebook group, a business group. And that was back in the days when groups were more rare, and more powerful as a business tool. So I was in this group, and I saw this woman's posts more than a few times in that group, we jointly interacted on group content. And in 2019, she invited me to join a group that she had created all around her business focus, which was LinkedIn for business, back before everybody and their dog was a LinkedIn specialist. I've been on LinkedIn since 2010. And so I was interested in this topic, I saw her text and her video posts in that group. And after some time, I kind of half heartedly signed up for one of her challenges when she directly invited me, which I ultimately didn't attend. Even free stuff has to be pretty damn compelling for me to take time away from my business. So obviously, I wasn't seeing her value, because I eventually muted her notifications. And then finally, I culled her group from the list of Facebook groups that I was a member of. Fast forward to the late summer of 2021. A good three years later, I was listening to a podcast that I follow while I was running on the treadmill at the gym, all COVID safe. And the episode that I'd been listening to ended, and the play of the podcast auto forwarded to the next episode, an interview with a LinkedIn expert. I missed the name of the guest. But as I listened to I heard a

conversation that soon had me thinking:

I love this woman! I love her attitude. I love her approach. I loved everything she was saying. And obviously, I'm interested in the subject matter as well. But she just really appeals to me; I need to find out who she is! what a great discovery. I actually jumped off the treadmill to check my phone to find out who this exciting new guest was. This woman that I'd now just had to follow, and possibly work with, only to find - and you've probably guessed it. This was the same woman that I had known on social media since 2018. Nothing that I had been exposed to that she had done or produced had had any impact on me. But within minutes of listening to her being interviewed on this podcast, I was already considering giving her my money. That is the breakthrough potential of podcast content. It's not magic. There are a number of psychological advantages the podcasts have going for them, particularly podcast interviews, that make them so much more impactful than almost any other content that you could possibly be doing for little to no cost. I'm going to dig into six of those advantages to really get to the heart of why this content is so potent, and why you should be using it for your business brand building and marketing purposes. Psychological advantages, The psychological advantage of podcast content, particularly interview content, there's a perception of elevated status, both because of the platform itself, and possibly because of the show that it's on secondarily, especially if the host is someone that the listener is familiar with and holds in high esteem. But implicit in this is that the host is endorsing this person, Like my podcast, the She's All That that's what I'm saying

about my guest:

She's All That! You really should be listening to her. In addition, prolonged exposure and engagement. Because of how podcast listeners interact with that medium, they are going to spend much longer with your content than any other form of content out there. I've talked about the stats of that before. The average podcast episode is somewhere between 35 and 40 minutes. And on average podcast listeners will listen to 80% of an episode. That means that you have the opportunity to be in somebody's head, telling your story and moving them through that know like trust journey for more than 30 minutes. You can achieve that with any other kind of content you could create. In addition, there's a conversational tone with the trusted host. The listener has their guard down because they feel they're not being sold to; they know the host. They like the vibe of the show. That's why they've come back. That's why they're the audience for that show. They are just listening to an interesting conversation. The whole "not being sold to" thing - when people feel they're being sold to there's a resistance, but when they feel that they're just listening to a conversation, an interesting engaging conversation, there's much more trust built through that. There's also the deeper focus on the message. When somebody has their earbuds in or their headphones on or they're listening or in their car, you are in their head, there is no visual distractions, I get there on social media or YouTube, where things are pulling their attention away, you are just in their head, there is a focus on that while they're doing something else that like, like me running on a treadmill or driving to work or doing lawn work or doing the dishes or just sitting around relaxing. They are just deeply engaged and focused on the content of that episode. The next advantage is the intimacy. Unlike say, seeing something that you've written online, or a meme or seeing your face, when I am listening to that podcast episode, when I hear that voice, when I hear that person's intonation, I hear the expression. The speaker's words, tones and intent is often different when creating their videos or their live content. It could be the same speaker's same topic. But when they're creating their live videos of their topic, they are not speaking to a person and there's a whole other feel there's a whole other tone to it, it's me talking to the masses "Listen to me!", versus that friendly conversation that they're in with the host. It's the difference between a genuine exchange versus a monologue. And we are hardwired to be more attracted to that genuine exchange. We are social beings. The last thing is conferred authority that host by virtue of even just having that person on their show, that host is signaling that this person is worth your time that this person is an authority in the topic on which they're speaking. So what the host is saying to you is, this person is an expert, if you're interested in this topic, here is the source. Because if somebody is going to signal that you're worth listening to in this area, we as humans are simple creatures. Subconsciously, when somebody says to us, this person is worth listening to, that makes a difference in the way we perceive them. We are more open to them. And that conferred authority of being signaled that you're the expert is conferred by that host. So that's the whole breakthrough content phenomenon of podcasts - unlike almost any other kind of content that you could create ...on a budget. If you've got the money to be creating TV programs and documentaries on your own, then maybe this isn't true for you. But for most businesses, our marketing budget is limited. And for any kind of content that you could be creating the breakthrough potential, that we'll really get into the heads of your listeners in the audience that you get your message in front of podcast casting is something you should be using to grow your And don't forget podcasting is free, brand and your business. The more of this Figure out how you're going to leverage it now in breakthrough content that you can get out there 2022, and going forward. I can help you with that. This has been September Smith with the Podcast speaking to your audience, for your business Guesting for Business Growth podcast. Thanks for purposes, the better. being here. I hope you got some insight and inspiration on how you could be taking advantage of the incredible opportunity of podcast guest appearances open to all of us right now. It's brand building PR up leveled exposure positioning, networking and lead generation and it's all for free. 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