Podcast Guesting for Business Growth

Tony Robbins - Your Podcast Guesting Role Model

March 16, 2022 September Smith Season 1 Episode 11
Podcast Guesting for Business Growth
Tony Robbins - Your Podcast Guesting Role Model
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This episode is all around how this top motivational speaking uses podcast guesting - being on other people's podcasts, as their guest. 
He is a masterclass in the medium.
It is fascinating to observe what Tony Robbins does with podcast guesting - and to see that as a role model for what YOU should be doing with guesting 

There are 2 things that caught my attention this week and I'm going break those down

There are the 5 things TR does that makes him a master at leveraging podcast guesting

I wrap up with the 5 things that YOU should be doing to be more like Tony - at least as far as his brilliant use of podcast guesting to stoke his media campaigns!

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What if I showed you a process to consistently get high value content that showcases you and your business? Get it created for you with almost no work on your part? And then have it featured on your behalf on media platforms, where people actually come expressly to find content and solutions, just like yours. And you get all that for free? That's what strategic podcast guesting will do for you. And that's what the Podcast Guesting for Business Growth podcast is all about. I'm your host September Smith. As you may have guessed from the title of the podcast this week. This episode is related to Tony Robbins, specifically around how he uses podcasts guesting - being on other people's podcast as their guest. Love him or hate him. It's fascinating to observe what he does, and to see what he's doing with his podcast guesting as a role model for what you could be doing with yours. In particular, there are two things that have really caught my attention this week about what he's been doing for this latest wave of his guesting. And I'm going to break those down. And then there are five things that he does, that makes him a master at leveraging podcast guesting. Finally, I'm going to wrap up with the five things that you should be doing to be more like Tony. Well, at least as far as his brilliant use of podcast guesting that he does to stoke his media campaigns. And that's what we should be doing as well. So he has been hitting the podcast scene hard in the last couple of months, and he's come up on my radar. I wasn't even looking for him. But he was just everywhere. Which is what you should be shooting for, to the best of your ability. And because I'm both a podcaster, but I'm also looking at from the side of this, like a strategist and a coach for people on how they could be using podcast guesting as a powerful stream of PR for themselves. So when I listen to a podcast, part of me is always kind of focusing on of course, the meaning and the value of the content. But another part of me is always kind of staying aware of the structure and the strategy behind what I'm hearing. So last week, as I said, I would have to say I witnessed a master class and what podcast guesting should be and a testament to the fact that no matter how big you get, podcast guesting is your secret weapon to turbocharging your marketing and your PR. Well, as I said, Tony Robbins was my most current example of the personification of this mastery of leveraging podcast guesting. In case you've lived under a rock your entire life. Tony Robbins has been a household name and English speaking countries and beyond. As far as he claims it's every country on the globe. He has clients and guests and participants in his programs. And he's he's been up at the top there for decades as one of the top motivational speakers in the world. As a businessman, he's got interested in more than 30 companies 12 of which he actively manages with a reported annual revenue of $5 billion. He himself personally, is reportedly worth about $650 million dollars. He runs over two dozen live programs a year in person and virtual programs, with 10s of 1000s of paying participants at each one. In addition to all the speaking that he does, which reportedly he makes about $300,000 per speaking engagement. He's written six internationally best selling books, and he's just got a new one out, which is why he is so ubiquitous on the podcast platforms these days. And he has appeared on TV and interviews and as a contributing expert hundreds of times he could literally get on TV anytime he wanted to. He's been featured countless times and magazines and newspapers. He has his own podcast that has one of the highest rankings of all podcast, pretty consistently within the top 20 podcasts in US, Canada, the UK and Australia, week by week. And with his programs and his massive media and marketing machine. This guy has the attention of millions of people every week. He's made and he continues podcast guesting, in addition to his own podcasts as a serious part of his media campaign. In the last month alone. He has been on at least 15 different podcasts. I might have missed some. And I was catching him on way more than I had intended to. There are two very interesting things about this latest round of podcast gasoline that he's doing that we should all be paying attention to - people who are interested in either getting started with podcasting or improving how we're using it. The first thing that was really fascinating for me is he is, not surprisingly, hitting all of the big shows - the lifestyle, wellbeing, entrepreneurial and thought leadership influencers. But this time around, he's doing interviews with a new demographic that really is the prime audience for this new book that he's got out. And that book is all around health and wellness, and new healing and longevity therapies and treatments and techniques. So this new demographic that I'm observing that he's now reaching out to, is a younger female audience. And the podcasts that he's been going on to reach them are entrepreneur based, some motherhood, Mother? podcasts - I don't know what you call those. But hitting entrepreneurs are individuals who are both health and life balance-conscious individuals. Well, like I said, this was surprisingly new for me (his new approach). It's pretty savvy, it's pretty strategic, getting on the shows and getting in front of the audiences that he now needs to expand into, of course, his audiences are aging out. So he has to keep reaching out to younger audiences. But this new one, this this new young, health conscious young, go getter woman audience that he's tapping into is really interesting to me. But this works with his current business model, he is selling a book for which he needs that audience. So that was the first thing. And then there was another thing that is striking when you listen to these conversations. And I have to admit, I have listened to about a half a dozen of these ladies convert interview conversations over the last week, both because I was interested. But also because I was intrigued. I had to check this pattern that I was noticing. And that is that every conversation is virtually identical in content, and talking points. He is on point with his brand story, you actually start to feel like you're having deja vu after about episode number four. There's that there's the chitchat with the host and everything. But all of a sudden, you're you're in this flow, and you're actually hearing the same notches, even the same words, you're hearing the same sentences, the same full conversational paragraphs. And overtime, I've been aware of Tony Robbins for, I don't know, 10, 15 years now. Overtime, his brand story has shifted slightly. It still covers his usual talking points and values. But now he has this polished segue into the new health related topic of his book. And actually, he more than a few times touches on the fact that he's a prime example of so many of these new exciting health advances covered in the book. It's actually really clever this - what he's doing, does a number of things. It signals to his old fans that he's still that guy with those bestseller, life changing talking points. He's establishing his cred with a new, younger listening audience. He's brilliantly promoting his new book. But also one thing that occurred to me as a man now in his 60s in a culture that reveres youth and vitality to these conversations, and just the stories that he's telling, he's positioning himself, as, you know, a cutting edge kind of guy who has tried and seen incredible improvements from these therapies, but also from what he can, as he tells it, what he can now do physically because of these things; he's positioning himself as an almost unstoppable Superman of stamina and strength and energy, able to run circles around people half his age. So he's kind of doing some reputation management there, as well as roping in looping in this new audience. So all up, even after numerous listens of the same brand story wrapped up in a half dozen different interviews. Each one feels like an interesting, engaging personal conversation with the hose that leaves you feeling inspired, excited, and curious to read his new book. But the identical brand story is present in every one of these conversations. So that makes him a masterful podcast guest all of these things, because he gets on the right shows and in front of the right audiences for his business goals and purposes. He has a super impactful brand story that sounds fresh and fascinating every time. But it gets him the results he wants. He suddenly tweaks the brand's story to reflect the perspective of the audience that he's speaking to and to give the value that they're interested in. He creates an engaging conversation with the host that gives each host the respect and props that the audience wants the audience feels like the host is their friend so they want to hear him relating respectfully and buddy in a friendly sort of way. And he does do that while getting all these talking points across and he leaves the listeners curious and wanting more. These interviews have been spun out from their into video versions of the episodes live streaming Live TV episodes. And then it's all connected across his many social media platforms as well as those of his many hosts. And each interview is a brilliant piece of deep engagement marketing content, almost like a brand ambassador for Tony Robbins that will be findable for years to come. And there'll be popping up on podcast platforms and interact trees, and also in Google searches now that Google is making podcast content indexable and searchable. And just as an aside, I'm sure you've heard me say before, that is not something that social media content can be doing for you. So like I said, this late is very podcast guesting heavy media campaign of Tony Robbins. This is like a masterclass in what we should be shooting for in our podcast guesting. So yeah, alright. He's Tony Robbins. And well what most people can accomplish with their podcast guest appearances is a small fraction of what he's doing. But assuming that you've got an audience that listens to podcasts and nit does pretty much anybody from 20 on up to about 60. And that they're looking for a deeper connection with the information in your area of expertise. So that's somebody that's more getting closer to a purchasing decision. They want a deeper engagement with your content. The ROI for this virtually free PR content is many, many times more than you could ever accomplish with social media. And that's why Tony Robbins is all over the podcast platforms right now. So be like Tony, make sure you're on the right shows for you your message and your business goals. Have a brand story that's impactful, consistent and polished. Know how to weave that brand story into an engaging seemingly effortless conversation with your host turbocharge your interviews by engaging other platforms and broadcast opportunities and broaden your network and reach with each appearance. And that's it. That is why Tony Robbins love him or hate him, is a perfect podcast guesting template that we should be paying attention to. Thanks for being here. I hope you got some insight and inspiration on how you could be taking advantage of the incredible opportunity of podcast guest appearances open to all of us right now. It's brand building PR up leveled exposure positioning, networking and lead generation and it's all for free. If this is something that you would like to have working for your business in 2022 Make sure you subscribe and follow now. and join us for our monthly podcast guesting prep school workshops that will open your eyes to the potential waiting for you and your business with his media opportunity and lay the foundation for a media campaign that will put you on the map. You can also download our free guide to strategic podcast guesting The link is in the notes or drop us a voice message with your comments or questions via the SpeakPipe link in the notes. Let's make podcasts guesting work for you

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